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Lightfall vol 2: Shadow Of The Bird s/c

Lightfall vol 2: Shadow Of The Bird s/c back

Tim Probert


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SYNOPSIS: In the thrilling second installment of the Lightfall series by Tim Probert, we dive deeper into the world of Irpa as the conflict with Kest, the Sun Devourer, and Feather Knights rages on. Lightfall: The Awoken Spirit picks up right where The Girl and the Galdurian left off-in a hidden settlement where Bea and Cad have been taken in by mysterious creatures known as the Arsai. Meanwhile, the Feather Knights continue their raid on the city of Lealand. When the Light of Lealand falls and Kest's Feather Knights turn their attention next to the seaside city of Rinn, Bea and Cad are desperate to find a solution. The heroes seek out the help of an Irpan spirit long-thought extinct, the water spirit known as Lorgon, whose ancient wisdom may help them find a way to take down Kest and save Rinn from utter destruction. But when their time with Lorgon presents more questions than answers about the extinction of their sun, Bea and Cad must decide what's more important: stopping Kest or uncovering the truth.