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Living The Dream Tote Bag (Blue Artwork)

Living The Dream Tote Bag (Blue Artwork) back

Lizz Lunney


Page 45 Review by Stephen

“Well, hellooooowwwrrrr... And how are youwwwrrr?”

This dude is totally like a black panther on your ass, albeit proud and purring, not popping one into your skinny white butt.

He is sleek, he is sexy, he is also demure!

Although I believe “demure” refers to women only. I don’t care. Let us not be hung up on colour, gender, sex and sexuality when we hang out with our fellow felines. I had a couple of cats called Max and Felix: they were both brothers and gay so, err, incestuous. You should have seen their mutual grooming!

Choose this or its equivalent in fuchsia. It’s a difficult decision, I know.

Tote bag in a creamy, dreamy cloth measuring 15” x 16” designed to carry your stuff. The stuff being comics, naturally; Lizz Lunney comics, obviously.

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