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Love Removal Men (Sketched & Signed In)

Love Removal Men (Sketched & Signed In)

Love Removal Men (Sketched & Signed In) back

Andi Watson


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Welcome back to The Andi Watson Collection, now complete: a dozen wit-ridden mini-comics, each containing a dozen story pages inside an exquisitely designed cardstock cover with chic, matching trade dress. The first was THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS which we made Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month. That'd be a very good place to start.

A lot of lateral thinking goes into these satirical swipes at modern-day life or whimsical musings on how it always has been, and they can be dense with double meaning and visually playful as well.

Take 'Love Removal Men' from LOVE REMOVAL MEN; it can be a very heavy load they bare.

"The Love Removal Men came today.
"I saw their van from my window.
"I told them I'd had a change of heart."

Oooof! If you don't demand to know what happened next, then you have none of your own. I promise you Watson follows every idea assiduously. The ramifications can be wrenching.