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Lucifer Book 1

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Mike Carey & Scott Hampton


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Reviews of previous volumes one and two which comprise this tome are reproduced below.

Volume one...

The devil is walking the earth for, in the SANDMAN series, Lucifer quit his day job in hell for a piano bar in Los Angeles. Now he's received an assignment from The Creator Himself, and if Lucifer agrees to do Heaven's dirty work he can name his own price. It's a journey that will require harsh sacrifices, but then it won't be Lucifer making them!

Reprints #1-4 of the main series plus the preceding three-issue mini that featured Scott Hampton's painted art and some very fine dialogue.

Volume two...

The plots – the intrigues and manipulations – clever, and the revelations perfectly placed, but the pace is jaunty as we shift scenes at an almost metronomic pace which, far from being monotonous, lends the storytelling a clipped vibrancy and momentum, keeping up with the constantly twisting plights of the various players. Above all, it's Lucifer's dialogue, which is played with an economical, dry wit, a self-assurance without triumphalism.