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Marvel Voices: Heritage s/c

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Stories from the world outside your window by diverse creators who are making theirs Marvel - and making their voices heard! Inspired by Marvel's acclaimed podcast series MARVEL'S VOICES, Indigenous and Asian American writers and artists share their unique perspectives on iconic characters, in exciting and inspiring new adventures starring Echo, Mirage, Silver Fox, Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Jubilee and more!

Plus: The astonishing debuts of the new Werewolf by Night, Jake Gomez, and the genius Amadeus Cho! The sensational first issue of a new era of greatness starring Silk! And a gorgeous gallery of Jeffrey Veregge's Native American Heritage variant covers! Collecting MARVEL'S VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES and IDENTITY, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (2020) #1, SILK (2021) #1 and material from AMAZING FANTASY (2004) #15. Rated T+