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Mega Robo Bros vol 1: Power Up s/c

Mega Robo Bros vol 1: Power Up s/c back

Neill Cameron


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Young robotos with a HEART!

Alex and Freddy are two super-powered robot youths taking on all manner of oversized mecha threats in between bouts of attending a London school They are also two young, inexperienced individuals with much to learn about the world.... and themselves. Well, Alex is. Freddy is a-fightin'!

I love this series not for its fisticuffs but for its big ideas - genuinely big ideas - dropped in ever so casually, gently and thoughtfully and compassionately - then almost instantly kicked right into touch by the impatient, sugar-buzz thrill-frenzy of younger brother Alex.

Often, however, there are notions inherent in the way this this concept is executed which may or may not occur to you. Most deliciously of all, perhaps, is that these children are most definitely going to be judged by content of their characters, not the colour of their skins. Because, after all, what colour are these youngsters? And have you been projecting hahaha?

For that matter, are they actually boys?

For more, please see my illustrated review of volumes two and most espectially six. Oh, the humanity of it all!

But mostly there are mecha fights. Cool!