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Middle Distance: A Graphic Memoir s/c

Middle Distance: A Graphic Memoir s/c back

Mylo Choy


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A charming, heartwarming, and poignant story of running and self-acceptance, Mylo Choy's Middle Distance combines exertion and introspection in an exploration of the physical body's connection to the human experience. It explores such themes as the interrelatedness of mind and body, the Buddhism with which Mylo was raised, emotional growth through effort but also repose, and the necessity of carving out space for nuance and acceptance. Concrete narrative scenes contrast with more abstract sequences to convey Mylo's journeys, both inner and outer, and how these inextricably intertwine. The approachability of comics as a medium, coupled with the relatability of Mylo's search for self-knowledge, results in an honest, searching work of particular interest to transgender and nonbinary runners.
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