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Mort Cinder h/c

Mort Cinder h/c Mort Cinder h/c Mort Cinder h/c

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Hector German Oesterheld & Alberto Breccia


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"It's a pleasure... to see you again, Ezra... Ezra Winston."
"For me, too, Mort."
"Someone's coming, Mort! Sounds like a lot of them."
"Breathing again... It's incredible..."
"They're coming, Mort! The leaden-eyed men!"

You know the type... the ones that don't set up a standing order and then expect the latest issue of Deadpool Kills Off All Good Comics to be sat waiting for them on the shelves and blink their leaden-eyes in disbelief when it's not...

Right, without further ado, let us allow Fantagraphics to resuscitate some proverbial reprinted life into the man who could not be killed. Well, he could be killed, but then he kept coming back to life again...

"The great Alberto Breccia, in collaboration with the Argentine writer Hector German THE ETERNAUT Oesterheld present MORT CINDER, a horror story with political overtones that follows the wanderings through time of a man who rises from the grave each time he is killed, bearing witness to the darkest sides of humanity. American comics creators such as Frank Miller (300, SIN CITY) and Mike Mignola (HELLBOY) owe Breccia a great debt; these horror-adventure tales are as thrilling, dread-inducing, and accessible as when they were created a half a century ago."

Verbosely dramatic, intensely pencilled with vast quantities of black shading and shadows casting themselves around dangerously in every direction, this is indeed pulp horror of the finest vintage. It's a very dense, intense read, which is primarily due to Breccia's relentless, pressurising style. He never lets up on Mort, the reader, or indeed himself, judging from the amount of effort you can see that's gone into the artwork, not to overlook the note-perfect feel of the writing and dialogue. He manages to put the reader firmly right into the ever-perilous place of the world-weary Mort Cinder. If you're reading this late at night in the gloom you might catch yourself nervously looking over your shoulder for a man with leaden eyes... weeping silently over a lack of DEADPOOL first printings...

In terms of ability, Breccia's right up there with Sergio THE COLLECTOR / SHARAZ-DE: TALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS H/C Toppi for me. Fans of Tiziano Sclavi's DYLAN DOG, a title that's never really gained any traction in the English-speaking world - despite again the likes of Mignola being a self-proclaimed massive fan - would undoubtedly appreciate this. In terms of contemporary horror this is just as good as the likes of WYTCHES and HARROW COUNTY.
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