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My New York Diary

My New York Diary back

Julie Doucet


Page 45 Review by Stephen

As namechecked by Le Tigre on 'Hot Topics', Julie Doucet is one of the most acclaimed women who, uh, used to be in comics! There's a full-colour, four-panel signed and numbered print hanging in our office right above our computer. Mark wrote:

"The ink seems to hang from the page as Doucet illustrates her dreams and wayward imagination. Her style develops through tales of periods, alcohol and sex. Backgrounds shimmer from panel to panel and household objects beg for attention. Powerful & disturbing."

Here Julie packs her Canadian bags and moves to New York but is pursued by a jealous boyfriend. Insecurity about her own creative talent isn't exactly helped by her propensity to self-medicate on alcohol and drugs.

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