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New X-Men: Ultimate Collection Book 3

New X-Men: Ultimate Collection Book 3 back

Grant Morrison & Phil Jimenez, Chris Bachalo, Marc Silvestri


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Xorn... why is that map upside down?"
"It's a picture of the future, Charles... I call it Planet X. I'm teaching my students to imagine tomorrow, and giving them the tools to take them there..."

The final volume of Grant's inspired run on a previously brain-dead title before Joss Whedon takes over in ASTONISHING X-MEN and raises the game even further.

Previously: the human race is dying out, replaced by mutants which themselves are evolving further; Cassandra Nova, Xavier's twin, sends mutant-killing Sentinels to commit genocide in Genosha, wiping out Magneto in an instant; the school acquires a new teacher in iron-masked Xorn; Jean Grey begins manifesting the power of the Phoenix once more; Cyclops succumbs to the sexual charms of the Emma Frost; Wolverine learns more about the Weapon X programme (it's the Roman numeral ten); Xavier comes out as a mutant - he is - the Beast comes out as gay - he isn't; a new power-enhancing, lethally addictive drug surfaces; there's a riot, a girl dies, and Xorn takes off his helmet...

I don't think anyone could accuse Grant of being dull. Here the final catastrophe causes Scott Summers to lose heart. He abandons the school, and through that single action rather than the death itself a terrible chain of events is set in motion which lead to the worst of possible futures. Morrison binds much that he has created into what at first appears a confusing few issues. It's super-charged with long words - high pronouncements and loud protestations - and slashed onto the page through the busiest of hyperactive art. It will need re-reading, it's so well disguised. But that's good, and when you finally begin to understand just what has happened it makes perfect sense and provides a very satisfying wrap. Majestic, creative and bursting with energy. It is, in fact, Sublime.
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