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Unhinged. Unfiltered. Unstoppable… This is NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK: 40 Black Creators delivering 16 Noir stories in a unique way. for the first time, the most successful African American comic book creators like DAVID F.WALKER, BRANDON THOMAS, BRANDON EASTON, MELODY COOPER, MD BRIGHT, N.STEVEN HARRIS as well as a new generation of writers and artists of color from all around the world such as KAREN S.DARBOE, WALT BARNA, MARCUS WILLIAMS, QUINN MCGOWAN, ROXXY HAZE, GREG BURNHAM and many more, are banding together for a unique anthology of 100% creator-owned Black Noir comic stories. Don't miss the Kickstarter sensational volume which raised nearly $50k and that Publisher's Weekly said featured: 'Dimly lit panels busy with stylized rogues and red-hot ferocity elevate the art, along with varied character appearances.'
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