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One Piece vol 1

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Eiichiro Oda


Page 45 Review by Tom

After reading this over a large bottle of real ale, I had the most bizarre pirate-themed dream right through to the morning. If that effect was worldwide then no wonder we originally sold out so fast.

It's the golden age of piracy and village idiot Monkey D. Luffy so desperately wants to be a swashbuckler, he strikes up a deal with local buccaneer Captain "Red Head" Shanks. If Luffy learns to swim by the time they leave port, he can join Shanks's crew. Unfortunately the twerp just ate one of the "devils fruit", consequently turning him into rubber. Rubber can't swim, and joining a pirate crew is right out. But he'll show them. Re-named "straw-hat" Luffy, he vows to become the King of pirates. Ten years later he sets sail in his little dingy to find a pirate crew worthy of a King of pirates, so Luffy can find the legendary "One Piece" treasure and earn him his title. If you want to talk all piratey, imagine Tom Waits with a west country accent. Ooh Ahh, you looking at me eye, boy??

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