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One Story h/c

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Page 45 Review by Stephen


It's all so slow.
You. You're an inventor. You should invent a better weapon. That can accelerate everything.
Modernity demands it.

I'm not scared.
Why should I be? I have you.
You remember? I promised.
I'll come back.

The publisher writes:

One Story actually consists of two entangled tales- those of Silvano Landi, a writer, who sees his life falling apart and Landi's great-grandfather, Mauro, a soldier mired in the carnage in the First World War. Alternating between past and present, One Story documents the roots of a twisted family tree and traces the pain passed down from one generation to the next.

It's a masterpiece. One of the very finest graphic novels I have ever had the pleasure of absorbing.

To begin with it'd fragmented. You'll find out why.

What's more, each of the fragments, once pieced together, make perfect, oh so powerful sense. Including the tree in the middle of the tennis court.

The tree which Landi can't stop drawing, just like the petrol station with its vast awning, in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

This book will break your heart.


P.S. It's an English language edition. We've only used foreign language pages to disguise any spoilers.
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