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Pluto Urasawa X Tezuka vol 3

Pluto Urasawa X Tezuka vol 3 back

Naoki Urasawa


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

In volume three we meet another of the super-advanced robots in Epsilon, the conscientious object who refused to take part in the Persian War and now looks after bereaved and traumatised orphans from that conflict. Inspector Gesicht continues his investigations into the gruesome robot murders, unaware he has been targeted himself for elimination from a completely different direction, the white-hooded robot-hating KR group. And Atom and Uran meet a most unusual robot with the power to artistically accelerate the growth of vegetation but unfortunately also has a rather darker side. And as volume three draws to a conclusion we begin to learn more about exactly who might be responsible for the robot murders, and we also gain our first glimpse of the robot called Pluto...

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