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Jim Woodring


Page 45 Review by Stephen

In which there is a truly startling development in the longstanding relationship between Manhog and the ever-curious ("Don't touch that!") Frank. Pupshaw and Pushpaw will prove true to form, though. There's a not-so-fine line between loyal protectiveness and rampant jealousy, isn't there?

Prepare yourself for another book of strange transformations.

Do excuse me, I've an in-coming call from the publisher...

"Beginning with CONGRESS OF THE ANIMALS and again in FRAN, Jim Woodring's beloved anthropomorph Frank has been subjected to hundreds of unbelievable adventures and yet nothing could prepare him for the transdimensional depredations of Poochytown, the latest and greatest installment in the ongoing saga. Utterly devoid of topicality, irony, or deliberate cynicism, the Frank stories are instead timeless cartoon sustenance, and Poochytown is the most opulent offering yet."

I've now written so many words on Jim Woodring that I have nothing to add, I can only reemphasise my admiration for works which are so powerful that I am known to dream in Jim Woodring.

CONGRESS OF THE ANIMALS is sadly out of print, so I can't send you in the direction of that review, but please see instead my extensive investigations of WEATHERCRAFT, FRAN and THE FRANK BOOK for detail on similar journeys (these are all journeys), and the very different JIM H/C for another side to this visionary.

I tell you what, though, there has never been a more exotic colouring book, if that's what you crave.
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