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Punycorn h/c

Punycorn h/c

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Andi Watson


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Carbuncle is a land of endless rainbows and sugar-sprinkled doughnuts-until the vile Sir Ogre unleashes his evil army on the happy kingdom. Who can stop his outsized appetite for destruction? Punycorn! Who? Punycorn. The smallest, clumsiest, and, yes, puniest of all the unicorns.

Punycorn may not look like a hero, but aided by a fireless dragon, a feisty dung beetle, and a magic sword with a hidden secret, he might just be Carbuncle's only hope!

Readers will root for a motley group of misfits with hearts of gold in this fast-paced, hilarious graphic novel by multi-Eisner-nominated author and artist Andi Watson.