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Quarantine: One Story. 28 Artists. No Escape. s/c

Quarantine: One Story. 28 Artists. No Escape. s/c back



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Quarantine is a wild sci-fi, one-shot comic with a different incredible artist every page.
The Lewn family - David and Lucy, their kids Grace and Peter and Scraps the dog - look out the large window of their Ballard Apartments' lounge. Outside a perimeter has been formed around their home that buzzes with electricity. An unseen person then informs them that 'something is wrong in the building' and they will be temporarily quarantined in an alternate universe. ZAP! Next thing they know the view out of their window shows stars and planets instead of parks and swings as they drift in space.

Thus begins their quarantine... Including the cover that is 28 of the best artists working today all in one book - superstars like Sean Phillips, Shaky Kane, Gary Erskine and indie legends Pete Taylor, Gustaffo Vargas, Martin Simmonds and many more, all wrapped in a glorious cover by Darrick Robertson (The Boys). Includes an extensive making of section and multiple pin ups, ships with one of three random prints from Ian Laurie, Warwick Fraser-Coomb or John McCrea!