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Sam & Dave Dig A Hole s/c

Sam & Dave Dig A Hole s/c Sam & Dave Dig A Hole s/c Sam & Dave Dig A Hole s/c

Sam & Dave Dig A Hole s/c back

Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Now out in softcover! Yippee!

Young Readers graphic novel from the headwear-conscious creator of THIS IS NOT MY HAT, I WANT MY HAT BACK and WE FOUND A HAT; but with writer Mac Barnett on board, hats are no longer the issue.

Nothing here is missing, but an awful lot is missed.

On Monday, you see, Sam and Dave dug a hole.

"When should we stop digging?" asked Sam.
"We are on a mission," said Dave.
"We won't stop digging until we find something spectacular."

And so, dig they do. They dig and dig deep. They dig so deep that their heads disappear underground, and then they dig deeper still. They are, I would remind you, on a mission!

So intent are they on this Important Excavation, what they don't seem to have noticed is that their dog has embarked on this mission too. Or they've forgotten. The dog happened to be standing between them when work first commenced and looked a little dubious from the start. On the cover his eyes are to camera, as if to say, "What a bunch of buffoons".

Yes, Sam and Dave should probably take a little more notice of their dog. Their dog has already found something spectacular. And oh look, there's something even more spectacular.

Amazingly, Sam and Dave seem to miss everything spectacular 'in spite of' changing direction, splitting up and reconvening.

Still, they do have a lot of digging to do...

Brilliant! As with the HAT trick trilogy the words tell one story while the images reveal the truth! That's what makes this comics: without the images you wouldn't understand what was actually happening.

What they also share is a comedic oblivion.

What they also share is a comedic oblivion.