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Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c

Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c

Scott Pilgrim Colour Collection vol 3 s/c back

Bryan Lee O' Malley


Page 45 Review by Stephen and Jonathan

Contains the final two SCOTT PILGRIM colour hardcovers

Scott Pilgrim vol 5 h/c:

"Hey Ramona... have you ever dated anyone that wasn't evil?"
"Once, this guy Doug. He was kind of a dick, though."

Yes, he's back! World class slacker and most oblivious hero of all time, Scott Pilgrim is in for some double trouble!

This volume kicks off with Scott's birthday and him solemnly vowing to be the best 24-year-old ever, before going straight into evil overdrive with the entrance of Ramona's -- [redacted - ed.]

But will his martial skills be enough to save his relationship with Ramona? Are they even destined to be together after she confesses to an aghast Scott she doesn't even like his band Sex Bob-omb? Is she really the clean-cut heroine she seems to be? Why does her head sometimes start glowing?!! Will Scott ever realise Kim Pine, his oldest and dearest friend, is still in love with him!?!?! Dare they tell Ramona about Scott's innocent sleep-over as he forgets his key for Ramona's apartment yet again?!!! Will Steven 'The Talent' Stills finally finish mixing the Sex Bob-omb album? Just who is Wallace's mysterious new boyfriend? Can Knives Chau ever get over Scott and stop being so goddamn annoying and clingy? And will Young Neil ever find someone who'll actually just go out with him?

Ahhhh, so many different plot strands tangling, weaving and inter-twining this time around as Bryan Lee O'Malley skilfully mixes things up yet again to mangle Scott's heart-strings as well as our own and leave us wondering exactly what happy ending it is we all want to see.


Scott Pilgrim vol 6 h/c:

From the creator of SECONDS, LOST AT SEA comes the blistering finale!

Flashbacks can come in the form of (highly unreliable!) Memory Cam stills and I think O'Malley invented the lobbed-in labels, the character summary or status boxes which so many other writers have emulated since:

"Julie P (the original and best)"
"Sandra (not the original)"
"Monique (not the best)"

Scott is in love with Ramona and he's defeated six of her seven evil exes in combat - thereby turning them into a shower of shiny gold coins - with only Gideon to go. But for the moment Ramona's gone missing and it's left him in a zombie fugue state, dribbling away on a handheld video game. Now it's time for Scott's own exes to sort the silly boy out in time for Scott, Gideon Graves, Envy Adams and Romona Flowers to have a final showdown while gay ex-flatmate Wallace sits boozed up and rolling his eyes sardonically on the sidelines. There may be casualties: Wallace's tongue is very sharp.

As for the audience, where would they be without their mobile phones?

"Is that chick a dude?"
"I'm googling her as we speak."


"Is that chick dead?"
"I'm updating her Wikipedia page as we speak."

Will Scott win through?

He's almost learned how to tie his own shoelaces.

Plus, he's finally levelled up, earning the Power Of Love which comes with a flaming sword: +5 for slashiness. That may help.

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