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Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts Second Thoughts Second Thoughts

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Niklas Asker


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Slyly ambiguous and devilishly clever work about two strained relationships in London.

The first is between a novelist called Jess and her girlfriend Chloe, a woman off touring with her successful band while Jess labours at home on a book that just won't come. The second is between a successful photographer Jess meets at Stansted airport on his way out to the rest of the world, running away from his own chance romance with another musician whose band he was once hired to take pictures of.

I desperately want to write about the bedrooms, but you don't want me to type another word.

You will want to start reading again the second you reach the end, however. It's all in art and the narration.

Niklas Asker is going to be the next Craig Thompson / Mazzucchelli / Paul Pope, you mark my words. He's right up there already.
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