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Shazam s/c (Movie Cover Edition)

Shazam s/c (Movie Cover Edition) Shazam s/c (Movie Cover Edition) Shazam s/c (Movie Cover Edition) Shazam s/c (Movie Cover Edition)

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Geoff Johns & Gary Frank


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"You don't care about anyone but yourself, do you? How sad is that?"

Another reboot yarn this time featuring Billy Batson, here updated for the 21st century as a right royal pain in the arse. A problem child who is unwanted and unloved, stuck in foster homes for most of his life, and consequently has a gargantuan chip to carry on his young shoulders. If only he could turn into someone super-strong to take the weight of all his woes... Gosh, that'd be magic wouldn't it?

It works though, because the character of Billy is given real depth by Johns and there is an excellent supporting cast of goodies and baddies that flesh the story out perfectly. Excellent art from Gary Frank, who as usual has provided a masterclass of exactly how superhero books can and should be drawn. Every single face he has drawn here shows emotional content which adds an extra dimension to the storytelling.


Apart from the new cover.