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Signal To Noise

Signal To Noise Signal To Noise Signal To Noise Signal To Noise

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Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean


Page 45 Review by Stephen

I could have sworn that I once wrote a far more extensive review of this, but the below is all I could find.

Originally serialised in 'The Face' magazine of all places during the late 1980s, this is another of those dark and personal tales (see THE COMICAL TRAGEDY OR TRAGICAL COMEDY OF MR. PUNCH - now that is one in-depth review!) at a time when McKean was still using some of the BLACK ORCHID techniques, but had really begun to experiment with expressionism along the Francis Bacon / Baron Storey/ Bill Sienkiewicz lines with distorted body work, and four truly terrifying Horsemen Of The Apocalypse rendered in four very different styles.

A film maker dying from cancer obsesses over the final movie he will never make, about a European village fearing the approach of 999AD, and the Armageddon they believe will ensue.

Prepare for a lot of blue.

P.S. 2018. Professor Science writes: Signal-to-noise ratio is a measure used in science and engineering that compares the level of a desired signal to the level of background noise.

I've used the term repeatedly to denote the current condition of multi-channel broadcasting (and now social media) and the even wider modern competition for our attention and assault on our senses, for, if one fails to erect adequate mental filters, the signals swiftly turn into noise.

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