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Square Eyes h/c

Square Eyes h/c Square Eyes h/c Square Eyes h/c Square Eyes h/c Square Eyes h/c

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Luke Jones & Anna Mill


Page 45 Review by Jodie Paterson

"Picture it in your mind... think about its shape, its texture.
"... Not too hard...
"Don't injure yourself...
"It just starts to take shape on its own... reading the impression you mentally project.
"See how it starts to emerge kind of hazy at first but your mind starts to populate it...
"... Now it's sharpening.
"Can you see it?"

Fin is the creator of a cutting-edge computer programme that blurs the boundaries between the real world and the digital by creating an interface between the visualisation space and the brain. Called 'Corvis', it's an incredibly powerful piece of technology that allows its users a collective, visual experience, which just a few days ago Fin was demonstrating live-on-air to a completely captivated studio audience.

But now Fin has woken up disoriented and disconnected. There is a strange woman living in her apartment - at least she thinks that's her apartment - and her memories are vague and unrecognisable, if indeed they even are her memories at all...?

SQUARE EYES is a cyberdelic mind-melt of a mystery, set in an entirely plausible, indeed rapidly approaching, near-future of augmented reality and constant connectivity; where technology is a part of your very being, and every piece of information you would ever need is literally at your finger tips. But when the most talented programmer out there finds herself cut off from the world and her code stolen, it becomes a race to find out who has it, before such incredible power falls into the wrong hands.

Visually stunning, you'll certainly be fully immersed in this overwhelming, holographic world, no headset required! Overlapping imagery and choice colours of reds, blues and purples create a gently kaleidoscopic aesthetic, which might leave you thinking that perhaps you were missing a set of cardboard 3D specs. I'm actually intrigued to see what difference they would make!

You will also be treated to an elegant interface of carefully constructed chaos, looking as though it has been hacked directly from the dreamy depths of Chris Ware's sleeping mind, and the most intelligent use of negative space as a storytelling device I have ever seen in comics. Square Eyes truly is an outstanding achievement of design.

Runner Up in the 2010 Observer / Cape Graphic Short Story prize to a certain Stephen THE GIGANTIC BEARD THAT WAS EVIL Collins, it is absolutely fascinating how this story has evolved, both artistically and in plot terms, beyond practically all recognition from that comparatively sparse initial concept. You can see for yourselves from this article. It's certainly makes a compelling case for believing in your artistic vision and persevering with a good idea.