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Star Wars: Darth Vader vol 7: Unbound Force s/c

Star Wars: Darth Vader vol 7: Unbound Force s/c back

Greg Pak & Adam Gorham, Raffaele Ienco


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When the Dark Lord of the Sith loses control of the Force, nothing is safe - not even his own Star Dreadnought! But in the face of total destruction, Commander Sab finds an opportunity. Does Vader's untrammeled onslaught expose a vulnerability? Or is it just another doorway to the terrifying tyranny of the Sith? According to the Jedi, fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate. But does hate lead to suffering - or power?

Caught in a maelstrom, Sab must finally confront the horrifying consequences of her choice to serve Darth Vader. Will she choose darkness over light? Are things so bad for Vader that he would reach out to his one-time ally Doctor Aphra for help? And where Aphra goes, will the killer droids Triple-Zero and Beetee follow? Collecting STAR WARS: DARTH VADER (2020) #33-36 and DARTH VADER (2015) #3. Rated T