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Star Wars vol 2: Showdown On The Smugglers Moon

Star Wars vol 2: Showdown On The Smugglers Moon Star Wars vol 2: Showdown On The Smugglers Moon

Star Wars vol 2: Showdown On The Smugglers Moon back

Jason Aaron & Simone Bianchi, Stuart Immonen


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"I've seen your bounty alerts. Quite the price you've got on your head."
"It gets even better. Your wife is a bounty hunter."
"No! And she's not my..."
"Suddenly this is all making sense. The rich princess in trouble. Yeah, Han could never resist those. How many times has he rescued you? Bet he even turned down the reward. Yeah, he's holding out for a much bigger prize."
"And exactly what sort of "prize" would that be?"
"That's one of his best cons. He ran the same scam on the daughter of a sultan in the Boz Pity system."
"What? None of that is true!"
"Really? Maybe we should go ask the sultan. I hear he's still offering a moon in exchange for your head."
"Leia, don't listen to her, it was never like that."
"Never like what? All a huge lie? Then why is your wife pointing a huge gun at me?"

Ha ha, sleazy Han Solo, he's right up to his neck in it now. As if being held at blaster point by a deadly bounty hunter, who claims to be his not so dearly betrothed weren't bad enough, there's a squadron of Tie Fighters and a Star Destroyer rapidly zeroing in on their position intent on vaporising them all to cinders. Both of which pale into insignificance compared to the righteous indignation of one Princess Leia Organa, who can't quite believe that ten minutes earlier she was finally starting to fall for his trademark Solo flannel and flattery. He's going to need all of his smooth talking skills to get out of this situation that's for sure!

This volume brings together the Han / Leia and Luke story arcs as their planned rescue attempt becomes increasingly more fraught with peril and peppered with pithy one-liners, primarily at Hans's squirming expense. As with Gillen's DARTH VADER (who conveniently pops up right at the end here to lead us into the forthcoming VADER DOWN cross-over, which is effectively volume 3 of both this title and DARTH VADER) it's just great fun and the new characters of Sana Solo and imperial spy Sergeant Kreel add to the merry mayhem.
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