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Street Dawgz: Boxlife

Street Dawgz: Boxlife Street Dawgz: Boxlife

Street Dawgz: Boxlife back

Lizz Lunney


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Still I'll find new accommodation...
"We'll make plans... from mobile phones."

- David Sylvian / Japan

Wait, wait - mobile homes!

It's mobile homes, Stephen!

But either applies here. You'll see.

It's the return of anthropological expert Professor Lizz Lunney for a searing socio-political indictment of poverty, class, and homelessness in the form of the demi-delusional STREET DAWGZ whose last beatnik appearance I treated with equally rigorous academic acumen.

Dingo, Jekyll, Rossetti and Ian (that still makes me laugh) are all living the dream from the confines of their shared cardboard box, and they have everything they need for a fulfilling life of high-brow art-assessment and low-brow, bow-bow begging.

"Apart from food."
"And water."
"And intelligent company."

Who needs an architect to draw up a costly, intricate extension to bricks and mortar when you are quite literally living in a box? Not these four fools. They can just scavenge for a second, open-plan cardboard cottage and bunk up in pairs. But they will need to put more thought than that into curing dipstick Dingo of his newfound hound-held addiction to social media.

Oh yes, even the homeless pine for a fulfilling life online - and why wouldn't they when their real one is so deprived? Dingo has acquired a smart phone (I know not from where) and has become utterly absorbed in his daily desire for constant affirmation through BookFace, Bitter and Winstagram:

"If I get a million 'likes' for one of my images I win."
"Win at what?"
"At life, I hope."

I think that's unlikely, Dingo, but do please see HELLBOUND LIFESTYLE for similar struggles and potential recognition-box-ticking. Then enjoy Dingo's wider algorithm blues.

It's all too, too funny! And true!

I think you'll enjoy the Lord Of The Rings "Precious" reference.

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