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Superman: Red Son (New Edition) s/c

Superman: Red Son (New Edition) s/c back

Mark Millar & Dave Johnson


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Uh, yeah... yeah, I -- yeah, I know... uh-huh... oh really, so -- yeah, so -- yeah, yeah, sure... so -- so -- Look, can I just ask: do you actually have a reason for ringing or can I get back to my fucking life?"

Ever had one of those phone calls? Because Mark Millar appears to be dialling right now.

Premise in a meteor shower: Superman crash-lands in the old Soviet Union instead of Kansas. Moving from the countryside to the hub of power, he rises swiftly to the top of the Communist Party (in fact Stalin, who's already trained an illegitimate son as successor, now wants this People's Favourite to take over when he's gone). In America, meanwhile, they're all getting jumpy, and Lex Luthor is hired to balance the scales of military power. Results are mixed, until they find a green ring. Back in the USSR, they don't know how lucky they are to have an Amazon princess in their midst. And because everyone loves a winner, Mother Russia is expanding rapidly, just as one of her sons witnesses rough justice KGB-style when his parents are gunned down in front of him. Did I mention Lex's wife is called Lois?

So here we are, and there we go, and what a nifty ending. But Mark, do you actually have anything to say? Fine, I've got some ironing to do.