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The Complete Dracula s/c

The Complete Dracula s/c back

Bram Stoker, Leah Moore, John Reppion & Colton Worley


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"The only adaptation of Dracula you'll ever need. This is the new gold standard." - Warren Ellis.

I don't see Warren Ellis writing that if he didn't mean it, and certainly the extensive notes on the decision-making processes of each constituent chapter - from the determination to include scenes some cinematographers ignore and the language of Professor Van Helsing - all reprinted in the back give me the confidence to believe that if I'd liked the art myself, I may have been able to bear with it a lot longer.

I didn't, so I couldn't. I like a lot more light in my painted comic art (Jon J.Muth, Kent Williams, Alex Ross), a lot more texture (George Pratt) or some serious expressionism (Barron Storey, Billy The Sink, Dave McKean). Apart from the wolf in chapter two, this looks stodgy and stiff to me and I'd rather have the whole thing done by cover artist John Cassady. Still, Warren Ellis is a discerning man, so do as you’re told and buy it!