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The Helltrekkers s/c

The Helltrekkers s/c back

John Wagner, Alan Grant & Jose Ortiz, Horacio Lalia


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They were the new frontiersmen-men and women who hated life in Mega-City One so much that they were willing to travel 2000 kilometers across the radiated desert known as the 'Cursed Earth' in order to start a new life. The chances of reaching the new territories are slim-the hostile environment is full of danger, including acid rain downpours, killer viruses, mutants and herds of hungry dinosaurs!

To increase their chances of survival, Helltrekkers set off in large convoys. But sometimes fellow travellers can cause just as many problems as the threats from outside! The Helltrekkers is a monumental survival story and one of the earliest Dreddverse spin-off strips.