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The Infinity Gauntlet (New Ptg)

The Infinity Gauntlet (New Ptg) back

Jim Starlin & George Perez, Ron Lim


Page 45 Review by Stephen

The second Marvel blockbuster crossover, following its original SECRET WARS, whose immediate claim to fame was the return of George Perez after decades away.

Thanos, the necrophile from hell who was played to perfection by Jim Starlin on his inimitable runs on both CAPTAIN MARVEL and WARLOCK, has just obtained the Infinity Gauntlet whose combined gems make all of reality - including time - the object of his whim. Being a grumpy old bugger, his first act is to wipe out half of earth's population, but not half enough of America's, leaving more than enough superheroes to toy with.

Unfortunately omnipotent beings don't make for a great deal of dramatic tension, never mind effective use of disparate superpowers, and you are hereby issued with a Long-Winded Psychobabble Alert of the most excruciating proportions.

Ron Lim took over the art chores halfway through, but thankfully one can hardly tell.