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The Pterodactyl Hunters In The Gilded City h/c

The Pterodactyl Hunters In The Gilded City h/c The Pterodactyl Hunters In The Gilded City h/c

The Pterodactyl Hunters In The Gilded City h/c back

Brendan Leach


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Eamon, there was nothing you could have done."
"I could have sent that harpoon through its goddamn heart - if Alfie hadn't lost his nerve."
"But, that little boy..."
"Oh, that kid was dead when he left the ground."
"And if he wasn't? You'd have harpooned him as well? "Through his goddamn heart"?"
"Jesus, Declan."
"WATCH YOUR MOUTH. Losing children to these beasts is never easy. In '84 I saw three swoop down on an ice skating pond. Seven boys - GONE! And your Uncle Peter, rest his soul, had to slide across the lake on his..."
"Yeah, Da, we know the story."

Here's the flapping of the publisher's leathery wings for you...

"Brendan Leach's Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City, a Best American Comics selection and winner of the Xeric Award and Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic, is a story of sibling rivalry and family tradition in a rapidly changing world: a version of 1904 New York where generations of working-class hot air balloonists take to the skies each night to defend their city from pterodactyls."

First off, if you're a fan of Gipi's (LAND OF THE SONS) art style, this could be a little extra bonus for you whilst we patiently wait for the great man to crack on with his next work. We said precisely the same of Will Morris' SILVER DARLINGS, a book we loved so much we made it a Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month.

This work actually has a couple of other things in common with SILVER DARLINGS, in the sense that it is, despite the diving, devouring dinosaurs, indeed a fairly straightforward character piece about the very uneven sibling rivalry that exists between the gung-ho, all-action moustachioed Damon who flies around in a hot air balloon lobbing dynamite and firing off spear guns and his overshadowed more thoughtful younger brother Damon, who is restricted to ground crew lookout duty... and preparing the spear guns...

Boom... prepare for some family fireworks...
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