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The Stuff Of Life: A Graphic Guide To Genetics And DNA

The Stuff Of Life: A Graphic Guide To Genetics And DNA back

Mark Schultz & Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Serious science made genuinely interesting and more than a little entertaining. This book really ought to be on every school syllabus as Schultz's novel and praise-worthy approach of wrapping the hard facts inside an amusing tale about an alien species (bearing a remarkable resemblance to sea cucumbers) facing a serious society-wide genetic problem, and studying humanity from afar for the answers, works fantastically well. The presentation of the science and the history of the study of genetics and DNA is presented extremely clearly, and neatly broken down into bite-size and easily digestible chunks. The story directs us nicely from ancient times where man first discovered he could manipulate the reproduction of his crops and animals to significant effect, right through to current and intended practical applications of what has been discovered in the modern era. Anyone with an interest in genetics and DNA will find this a fascinating read.
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