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The Witcher Omnibus vol 2 s/c

The Witcher Omnibus vol 2 s/c back



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A collection of over 300 pages of action, mystery, and suspense with Geralt of Rivia in three standalone stories. In Of Flesh and Flame, Dandelion the bard gets Geralt transported to a faraway land, plagued by dark forces. In Fading Memories, Geralt is hired by the mayoress of a small town where an unusual pack of foglets attacks children, but something feels off about this new threat.

In Witch's Lament, a witch burned at the stake haunts Geralt, sending him an ominous warning. And in a bonus story, a young nekker takes an unpredictable journey through the woods. Collects the three miniseries and the Free Comic Book Day 2021 short story 'The Witcher: Once Upon a Time in the Woods.'