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Tiny Tyrant vol 2: The Lucky Winner

Tiny Tyrant vol 2: The Lucky Winner back

Lewis Trondheim & Fabrice Parme


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Further all-ages adventures of the greedy, self-obsessed tyrannical toddler with way too much sugar in his system, berating his subjects and making them cater to his every whim. Here, for example, he fights his cousin for the inheritance of an elderly aunt who never got to rule and who sets them on a tortuous goose chase of cryptic clues while providing them with enough arms and ammunition to kill each other. They don't, but his short attention span eventually gets the better of him just as it does in 'Rightsizing' when he insists that everyone and every thing conform to his own sense of scale by having all and sundry shrunk down without thinking it through. It's a great cascade effect of increasingly diminutive returns!