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Trains Are Mint

Trains Are Mint back

Oliver East


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Collects the first three issues of the series whose fifth won Page 45's Comicbook Of The Month in May 2008. Of the first issue I wrote:

Brilliant! This is what I'm talking about - this is what comics can do. Oliver East decides to follow the train track - obstructions permitting - from Manchester Oxford Road station to Blackpool North, and records what he finds along the way. Now, that might not make him Michael Palin, but still, it's quite the distance. And before you wonder: no, this isn't a train-spotting expedition, it's a people-watching meander-thon:

"I pop into The Ship for a half and a toilet break as some traffic wardens stare longingly at a police car, wishing they were a tad taller or slimmer."

[Editor's note: actually there are no height restrictions for British policemen any longer, as I learned the other night whilst out on the piss with some of Nottingham's finest. Not that they were all short-arses, but it came up in conversation.]

Oliver himself comes under certain scrutiny, and I've had this one myself:

"Sign o Times - can text on bus, but write and people stare."

East often incorporates the text into the environments he depicts, so that some bits are written as drinks labels or crisp packet blurb, whilst his comments on the local graffiti appear as bits of graffiti:

"It's all THINGIE'S WELL FIT or SO + SO'S A LEZZER. There was a badly drawn bong, but it's slim pickings so far."

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