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Transmetropolitan vol 7: Spider's Thrash

Transmetropolitan vol 7: Spider's Thrash back

Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Mr. President: we have more important things to concentrate on than Spider Jerusalem."
"Okay, all right. You're right. Shall we get back to work? Right. The Constitution. Where do you want to start cutting?"

Spider Jerusalem has disappeared, but in his absence people are talking about him even more and that sticks in the President's craw. Spider, meanwhile, succeeds in finding an even better outlet for his campaign against President "Smiler" and whilst working on pieces about 11-year-old rent boys and Care In The Community he stumbles upon vital information to bring the bastard down. Unfortunately as the danger ramps up when the President sends out hitmen, it becomes abundantly clear that there's something very wrong. Something very wrong with Spider. And his filthy assistants are worried.

This volume takes in a much broader sweep of the city as a whole and the lives being led there: glimpses of wonder contrasted with two full issues on the mentally ill (written perhaps around the same time as BAD WORLD?) and the parentally broken.

"Journalism is for the madly passionate. It's for the intense and the half-fucking-mad and the people who give a shit. …Don't talk to me about being an "outlaw journalist" until your balls have dropped and you've gotten your first twenty scars. And don't try to order me around unless you want my bodyguard to defenestrate you. And you wouldn't want anything nasty to happen to your fenestrates, would you?"
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