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Spider-Man: Ultimate vol 14: Warriors

Spider-Man: Ultimate vol 14: Warriors back

Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley


Page 45 Review by Stephen

It's Gang War time, with the Kingpin having to lie low. Hammerhead sees this as an opportunity to muscle in and take the city for himself, but the Kingpin aint gonna take it lying down and so brings Elektra into the fray. Hammerhead recruits The Enforcers, Black Cat comes back for revenge, Ultimate Moon Knight's introduced... even Shang Chi and Iron Fist get caught up in this gang war (although don't bring that much to the story and have hardly any interaction with Spidey himself).

It's classic Bendis with gorgeous artwork by Bagley at the top of his game, drawing big fights and big boo....tifull girls. Bendis seems to really have a knack for teenage dialogue and has a constantly quipping Spidey, so much so that even Elektra comments on this. Which is a welcome relief as this is something that is sadly absent from the Marvel Universe Spider-Man at the moment. Plus it includes great small character moments and once again hillarious situations with the purrrfect Black Cat (I tried my darndest not to say that) as she finally gets her claws into Peter, plus an unforgetable scene with Elektra in an elevator.

So take a classic spidey storyline, add BIG fights and one heck of a twist at the end. Mix into that some teenage angst, a bit of romance, the introduction of some new characters, the return of some old ones, and a guy in a white costume ("I mean look at you, you're filthy!! White to a super-hero fight??"), bake for 114 pages in the Ultimate oven and you get Bendis and Bagley at their best.
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