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Umbrella Academy vol 2: Dallas

Umbrella Academy vol 2: Dallas back

Gerard Way & Gabriel Ba


Page 45 Review by Tom

More pop madness for the two-tone-team of disaffected adults. Picking up where the first book left off, Spaceboy sits expanding his gorilla gut with a steady supply of milk, cookies and daytime TV having failed to fulfil his life-long dream of saving the world. Elsewhere The Sance preens himself for his adoring public having staved off the apocalypse in the first book. The Rumour (surely the most ingenious and brilliant super-heroine in years as her power is basically gossiping!) makes sure Academy's latest rogue doesn't go unpunished for her crimes, strapping the White Violin into a chair facing an array of flickering monitors with news coverage of the bloody fallout of her audacious campaign. Slightly cruel actually when you consider White Violin isn't just her sister but an amnesiac paraplegic now. But just how did this family manage to get so monumentally* screwed up? If the generously bonkers flashbacks are anything to go by it took years, but it's not over until the ray gun goes Bweeew!

* See what I did there? *sigh* Nevermind...