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Junji Ito


Page 45 Review by Mark

I was a teenage gorehound. While mum was doing the food shopping I'd browse through the book section reading the backs of all the horror novels and imagining the chills inside. Give me a good scare and I'm happy.

UZUMAKI makes me very happy.

Nasty, nasty, nasty horror. There are some gut-churning images and a sticky sense of claustrophobia and unease. I feel as if I've lived through the paranoia, the queasy unreality and otherworldly dread that befalls Kirie. Only she is putting together the twisted pieces as friends and family fall under the spell of the encroaching sickness. It's rare that a horror comic will make me recoil (THROUGH THE HABITRAILS and pieces by Woodring have done it) but each chapter will have a finely detailed page that disturbs and disgusts as it compels.

Spirals are attacking the way of life in Kurôzu-Cho. One slimy schoolboy gradually transforms into a snail, crawling up the school building. Two girls, competing for attention, find their hair curling and twisting higher and higher until their styles take them over, almost draining the energy from their bodies. A potter makes diseased ceramics, his kiln winding the clay into new, strange shapes. Any cremation is marked by an ominous whirl of ash and smoke above the chimney. Chills.