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V For Vendetta s/c

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Alan Moore & David Lloyd


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Facism in Britain, and a dire warning about where we were heading under Thatcherism during the 1980s. With all its attendant racism and legislated homophobia, there was a threatening surge in nationalism in spite of there being very little to be proud about: we fought a false war, the economy was in crisis, unemployment was soaring and there was a systematic dismantling of industry, community and support for the most vulnerable. But the platitudes of propaganda, seldom so shallow, seldom so self-evidently hollow, flowed freely.

Moore casts his sickened eye over a society gone sour and reflects the lack of faith, hope or charity in a very dark glass, as the masked anarchist V wages a one-man war against a pitiless authority.

David Lloyd's disciplined art is nightmarishly stark - absolutely chilling, with the coldest of colours and barely a hint of comfort.