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Venom Vs. Carnage s/c

Venom Vs. Carnage s/c back

Peter Milligan & Clayton Crain


Page 45 Review by Publisher Blurb

Paternal instincts aren't all they should be when you're an alien symbiote. If I've got this right Carnage (white-eyed, crimson monstrosity with very sharp teeth who looks like he's made up of multiple, prehensile entrails) is the offspring of Venom (white-eyed, blue-black monstrosity with very sharp teeth who used to be bonded to Spider-Man), and is currently pregnant himself. He can't stop its gestation, but wants to kill it the second it's born. First he needs to find it a host, I think, then kill the host, so he pops it into a policeman whose wife is pregnant, and then tries to off the policeman. If Venom will let him. I'm not sure I understand this at all, it wasn't covered in Biology A Level.

Milligan (HUMAN TARGET, ENIGMA) fills the dialogue with punning reversals ("Carnage, I've loathed you like a son."), Crain fills the pages with the slick-as-you like, computer generation protagonists (humans look wonky, but the creatures look cool), and together they fill our till with cash. Not what Mr. Milligan was born for, though.
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