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Walking Dead vol 2: Miles Behind Us

Walking Dead vol 2: Miles Behind Us back

Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard


Page 45 Review by Mark

"You're inviting a stranger to sleep in the same room as us?"
"He's got kids with him, Lori."
"So do we. Don't be so trusting, Rick."

But sometimes you have to trust someone when the world is falling apart.

The band of travellers, searching for safe haven from the approaching, ravenous hordes come across a farm owned by other refugees from the undead. There are different opinions on the plague. The farmer can't understand that the zombies are no longer human. They could be cured. If so, it's murder plain and simple.

Kirkman takes the ideas of Romero's Dead trilogy and runs with them, using the periodical format to fill the characters out, add a touch of soap opera, make us care for them. Nice touches abound. One of the leads becomes pregnant in this book and immediately I'm hoping that she doesn't get infected even though the gorehound in me can see the possibilities of an undead, unborn child.

There are a lot of horror books out at the moment and this is one of the few not written by Steve Niles. We need Steve Bissette to either do his own book or comment on the rise of the deep red. Unfortunately Tony Moore has abandoned the art chores but it's not too much of a painful transition.

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