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Yotsuba&! vol 6

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Kiyohiko Azuma


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Boom and bust" is as much of a cliche as "What goes up must come down". It's also pretty much a universal truth, however, and that's what happened in the world of manga in the US and UK over the last ten years or so. Manga sold so well that Tokyopop especially lost the plot and thought any old dross would do. It wouldn't. The book stores returned all their unwanted fodder, Tokyopop imploded, and I laughed a great deal. They really were the cockiest %$£*&^% in the world.

Unfortunately there were other undeserving casualties and YOTSUBA&!, neither old nor dross but bright and a delight, fell victim to its publisher's woes. Finally after three or so years of waiting, however, it's back with a different publisher and a brand new volume. Tom wrote:

Yotsuba is a curious, precocious little green-haired girl who has a question about everything, and a complete inability to accept what anyone says or does in anything but a literal sense. It's an endless formula for setting up captivating stories for all ages which might just have you asking a few questions yourself.
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