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You Know Exactly What You Have To Do h/c

You Know Exactly What You Have To Do h/c back

Paul Madonna


Page 45 Review by Publisher Blurb

The third and final volume of All Over Coffee presents some of the most beloved and never-before-collected pieces from the weekly series. Originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle, this timeless work, which includes collaborations with many prize-winning authors, is now collected for the first time into a new gorgeous hardcover edition.

"[Paul] Madonna, Bayview-based artist, illustrator, writer and award-winning author, is renowned for his long-running city-inspired comic strip series 'All Over Coffee.' Once described by Madonna as 'a comic strip without the comic, ' the series paired intricate sketches of The City--a street corner, a view of Alcatraz or a deserted alleyway--with poignant, poetic text. The infusion of art and literature challenged typical comic strip conventions, attracting a regional cult following and setting Madonna on a path of artistic discovery.