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Zonzo back

Joan Cornella


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Return of the rectal blood-letting and rictus grins.

Note: not actual cover. I cannot bring myself to reprint the cover.

If I describe these as six-panel gag strips, the emphasis is certainly on choking.

Of Cornellá's first offense, MOX NOX, I wrote, "Innocence is such an anathema to Joan Cornella that I can only compare him to Ivan Brunetti.

"Clothed in the brightest, most child-friendly colours, this is truly transgressive, crossing all boundaries of common decency and good taste, and if there aren't multiple mutilations on any given page it's only because something even more awful is happening."

If it's any consolation I wrought my revenge the first time round by getting Joan's gender wrong. I'm not naive or sexist enough to contend that no woman would write such Wrongs, but it's still a relief to know I can now blame a bloke.

Nothing's changed: the final reactions are still those least expected, except for the sixth panel in my favourite strip involving an engagement ring. The man's expression in the final panel, - as we zoom in on his blank, black eyes reflecting the degree to which his brain has quit functioning, and the enormity of what has caused such an immediate and complete cessation - is exquisite.

It's a classic case of act in haste, repent at leisure. They can't have known each other that long.

I'm not giving you any more: that's probably the only page we could publish.

I also wrote:

"Some strips present the wonkiest of solutions to problematic situations and most make those situations a great deal worse. Extreme Problem Solving, you could call it. Many of them involve skewed priorities and play on what is considered customary behaviour, upending it, and the unacceptable is accepted with all those gleeful grins."