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Promethea vol 3

Promethea vol 3

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Alan Moore & J. H. Williams III, Mick Gray


Page 45 Review by Stephen

More metaphysical meanderings of the highest order - the highest order of the Immateria, to be specific. Whilst her best friend and voluble cynic Stacia inherits the mantle of Promethea (whoops), Sophie leaves the physical realm behind to journey across the ten spheres of Kabbalah with her dead mentor Barabara. As they wander and converse, they begin to understand how the different realms' individual qualities apply to their inner life, and are joined just in time by Boo Boo, Barabara's earlier, more forthright self as they enter the fifth sphere of Geburah called Mars where their own anger threatens to overcome them in the heart and heat of the Qlippoth.

Now, if you aren't already reading this literally mind-blowing masterpiece, I know what you may be thinking; but I have the lowest psychobabble threshold in the world, and I promise you it all makes sense. So much so that the final chapter in this volume helped me, directly and practically, free myself of a particular anger trap I'd been nurturing, stupidly and irrationally, for a couple of years. This is so worth the effort you'll need to put into this, and as much credit must go to JH Williams III for his own acts of magic consistently, against all laws of probability, illustrating and illuminating Moore's difficult and complex thesis to the point at which it can be understood and absorbed without once making it feel like a chore. The flights that this artist's imagination have taken to adapt from The Moon and Mercury to Venus and the Sun, beggar belief. Just take a look at Tiphereth in all its golden glory, then hold your breath for when they hit the final sphere next volume: it's so very, very beautiful to behold.

This is the book with the Möbius Strip I keep going on about, a prime example of storytelling neither prose nor the cinema could achieve. Try to film the 17 Barbara and Sophies strolling round the infinite road so that they overhear each other and you'd never hear a word yourself. It's all on a double-page spread which you can read in various orders of your own choosing. The fact that you can isn't just clever; its genius is that it proves Alan's point!

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